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“The evening included a wonderful performance by Sharanya Mukhopadhyay, who wowed the crowd with a classical Odissi number” - India Journal, 2010

“Sharanya Mukhopadhyay has emerged as a promising Odissi dancer” - Symahari Chkara, The Hindu, 2009

Celebrity singer Suzanna Guzman introduces Sharanya’s dance as a “…different kind of joy”, at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, December, 2009

“Renowned critics have called Sharanya a child prodigy” 
- KCET, 2009

“The promising prodigy of Odissi has emerged as one of the few promising faces of Odissi today” - The Hindu, 2009

“Reigning Ms. Showbiz India USA Sharanya Mukherjee captivated the audience with a solo dance performance. Her grace, talent, and ability to win over the audience had not waned off even after a year in the spotlight” - India post, 2009

“As her teacher, I feel rewarded to groom such a gifted dancer” says US-based eminent Odissi dancer Nandita Behera - The Hindu, 2009

“She was beyond my wildest imagination, absolutely superb……” - Indrani Sen, after Sharanya’s performance in Dover Lance Dance festival, 2007

The Hindu praised her performance in 2007 at the International dance festival at Bhuvaneswar

“Twinkle toes from the West………” - Telegraph, Kolkata, 2006

The Statesman, Kolkata praises her charitable efforts and her talents (in Bengali), 2006

“Some were very average while some stood out for their sheer technical virtuosity and skill which won them instant applause. Nandita Behera’s 13 year old disciple Sharanya Mukherjee stole the show……” - Sunil Kothari, Sruti, 2000

Sharanya….was a standout in solo performance of “Ardhanarishwara”, a virtuoso portrayal of male and female energy. Slapping the floor with perfectly turned-out feet and alternating precisely angled poses with gracefully energetic movement, Mukhopadhyay told the story of ….. - San Diego Union – Tribune, 2005

Sharanya…..a 13 year old child prodigy was the only soloist..her mature and highly polished performance belied Mukhopadhyay’s tender age and was on of the heights of the concert… - San Diego Tribune, 2000

Mukhopadhyay was absolutely radiant. At 13, Mukhopadhyay already has a fluidity and clarity of technique, married beautifully with quick silver dramatic skills… - Los Angeles Times, 2000

“…. At the famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York,…Sharanya Mukhopadhyay won the Princes Grace Award for excellence of dance” - Hinduism Today, 2000

“She was someone who was so outstanding we couldn’t believe it” - Don Hewitt, executive Director, Dance Kaleidoscope, 1999

Medh Yodh, an expert in Indian Classical dance, compared Mukhopadhyay’s artistic gifts to that of child start Shirley Temple. - Orange County Register, 1999

Originally there is a performer who sparks Epiphanies. There was one such performer this year, according to several jurors. Her name is Sharanya Mukhopadhyay. She is 12. - Orange County Register, 1999

Classical Indian Dance shimmered, notably in the astonishingly composed 12 year old Sharanya Mukhopadhyay, whose filigreed fingers embodied the East Indian Odissi dance… - Los Angeles Times, 1999

“It was amazing. All of us on the panel just saw her in dead silence and looked at each other”, Medh Yodha said, “ we all felt transcendence. We actually felt what she was communicating” .- OC Register, 1999

Words like “transcendence” are normally reserved fort mature artists. And in selecting a 12 year old for the Kaleidoscope program, the panel opens itself up to questions that it has selected a student for a profession showcase. - OC Register, 1999


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